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Our Attorneys in Nashville have over 20 years of experience.

Experience proven on behalf of a wide range of clients from individuals to Fortune 500 companies in nearly 150 patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, online defamation, right of publicity and technology-related cases in state and federal courts throughout the United States.


Copyrights generally come to mind in the context of music. However, copyrights cover much more than music. In addition to copyrights for music, our attorneys have prosecuted and defended copyright infringement cases involving software, photographs for appliance and consumer products manufacturers, sculptural works, product packaging, and architectural designs. Our experience in copyright cases begins from filing copyright actions and extends through preliminary injunctions and trials through the United States including one case in which one of our attorneys reduced the potential exposure for a client by more than $100 million.

Contract Disputes

Our attorneys and firm have been involved in a large number of contract disputes that have both gone to trial or been resolved out of court. We have handled cases as varied as breaches in technology, subscription, development, license, and distribution agreements.

Data Privacy, Compliance & Cybersecurity

Guiding businesses through regulations for data privacy.

Internet Defamation

Often individuals and companies believe that they can say whatever they want on the internet. This simply is not true. We have represented clients throughout the United States in defamation cases to stop false statements regarding their products, services, and characteristics. We are unafraid to demand that false statements be corrected and will use litigation as necessary to ensure that the false statements cease. Likewise, we are adept with anti-SLAPP laws and defending those falsely accused of defamation.

Mediation & Arbitration

All Principal Members of Miller Legal Partners PLLC are Rule 31 Listed mediators and engage in arbitration. We have participated in mediations and arbitrations throughout the United States. Our firm offers a wealth of experience in intellectual property and commercial litigation cases. We are available to serve as mediators and arbitrators on both half-day and day flat rates.


We have represented both patent owners and alleged infringers in over 150 patent infringement cases in over 20 federal courts throughout the United States. Our attorneys have argued before the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and been integral members of team petitioning the United States Supreme Court. We have been quoted in numerous publications regarding issues regarding patents and post-grant review proceedings.

Right Of Publicity

Very little is more valuable than the right to the exclusive use of one’s name, image, voice, and likeness. At Miller Legal Partners PLLC, we take those rights seriously. We have represented artists who have had their images and voices used without their permission. We also have negotiated licenses with several well-known individuals and defend cases where our clients were accused of using images without permission.

Technology Agreements

Our attorneys understanding that good outcomes in contract and technology disputes depend on the strong and clarity of technology agreements. Among other areas, we have represented clients in technology disputes regarding technology agreements involving SAS agreements, the scope of patent protection in foreign countries, and licensing of proprietary service platforms. From these disputes, we have learned what can go wrong when the terms of an agreement are unclear or do not sufficiently protect a party. We have applied this experience to assist our clients to enter into a variety of technology and licensing agreements.


The attorneys at Miller Legal Partners PLLC have represented clients in trademark and trade dress infringement cases throughout out the United States. Examples of our clients are areas that range from from obstacle course races to music technology to franchises to electronic identification systems. Our attorneys also prosecute trademark applications in the United States and throughout the world in countries as far away as India the Philippines and Zimbabwe. We also pride ourselves in working with our clients to find unique ways to capture and protect their trademarks and trade dress.

Trade Secrets

The attorneys of Miller Legal Partners PLLC have represented clients in trade secrets cases in areas as varied as altimeters, software, recipes, nanoindenters, and customer lists. Our training in electrical and nuclear engineering and physics coupled with our abilities to explain complex technologies in ways that judges and juries can understand aid our clients in obtaining our objectives whether plaintiff or defendant. When our client’s trade secrets have been misappropriated, we have the experience and capabilities to quickly bring your case to court and move for temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions.

Unique Cases

Our firm takes pride in representing clients in unique and challenging cases that other attorneys might reject. We have advised and represented victims of terrorist attacks under the Anti-Terrorism Act to stop those who materially aid terrorist organizations. We successfully obtained a judgment for a singer in Nashville who had her image and voice stolen for use in techno music in Europe. These are but a few examples. If you or your company has a problem that is unique and could benefit from creativity and tenacity, we may be a good fit to solve the problem.

Attorney Malpractice

Our firm has handled a wide range of attorney malpractice cases from both the client/plaintiff’s side as well as defending lawyers. We understand the nuances and difficulties of such cases. We have had outstanding outcomes for our clients in attorney malpractice cases.

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Our Attorneys in Nashville have been lead counsel in over 150 cases and have actual experience taking cases to injunction hearings and trial in state and federal courts through the United States and arguing appeals before both state and federal appellate courts including the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.